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We know our fellow Tulsans are busy people so we’re here to provide them with convenient, quality service. As mobile detailers, we drive to your location to perform our service. You can be at work, home, on vacation, or out with family and we’ll detail your vehicle for you. Tulsa’s residents need convenient, but premium service and Brian’s Mobile Detailing is ready to provide. Give us a call to get an appointment with some of the best mobile detailers Tulsa has to offer.

We service all of the Tulsa Metro region, but will sometimes travel even farther.

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Most Popular Detailing Services

Express Interior

Per vehicle

Express Interior Detail

Is your vehicle pretty dirty? Has it been months since your last detail? If your vehicle is dirty, but not filthy then this is the option for you! This is our interior option for those who want everything cleaned, but don’t want to pay for their carpets or fabric seats to be shampooed. All leather, plastic, vinyl, suede, and alcantara surfaces are included! Carpet cleaning can be added as an add-on while scheduling.

This is our most popular interior service by far. We strongly suggest this service for those who want their vehicles to look brand new without needing to shell out the big bucks for our Deluxe Interior Detail service. In Tulsa, dirt and mud get tracked into vehicles all the time due to our bipolar weather and this is the perfect service to get rid of that and more.

We’ll go in and scrub everything down to take your vehicle from filthy to clean. Additionally, we’ll get in there and vacuum every nook and cranny to get all the crumbs and dirt out. We throw in your door jambs and windows as an added bonus.

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Deluxe Interior Detail

Think your vehicle is too dirty to clean? Has it been years since your last detail? If the Tulsa weather has had you tracking mud into your carpets or if its just plain out gross then this is the service designed for you. This service is designed to make your vehicle look as clean as possible and is a step above our Express Interior Cleaning.

We’ll clean anything and everything there is to clean inside your vehicle. Whether you’ve got pet stains, dog hair, or soda stains, we’ll clean it. We attack gunk in all the nooks and crannies within your vehicle.

If you want the complete package when it comes to interior detailing then this is what you’re looking for. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a work truck, family van, sports car, or an old Camry, we’ll make it look brand new. We guarantee a major improvement in any vehicle we get our hands on.

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Deluxe Interior

Per vehicle

Clay &

Per vehicle

Clay & Seal

Paint looking a little dull? If you want to liven up your paint and add some gloss then this is our perfect package for you. This includes a hand wash, hand dry, power wash, and an application of our synthetic wax of choice.

This is a whole step above our premium wash. If you’re looking for a showroom gloss then this is the upgrade you need. Our synthetic wax adds gloss and depth to your paint while having much more longevity and chemical resistance than a typical carnauba wax. 

Tulsa gets lost of sun which can can be extremely harmful to your vehicle. This service eliminates the worry that your clearcoat will fade or begin to peel. With this service you get advanced water beading, enhanced gloss, chemical resistance, and UV ray resistance. It is essentially sunscreen for your vehicle. After an application, you won’t have to worry as much about bird droppings, sun damage, or bugs damaging your clear coat. 

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Ceramic Coatings

If you value your vehicle and wish to keep it looking new as long as possible then ceramic coatings may be for you. They not only protect your paint from the sun, they also offer chemical resistance against bird droppings, tar, sap, iron fallout, road salt, and aggressive cleaners. Ceramic coatings stop anything that lands on your vehicle from bonding or digging itself into your paint.

Your vehicle will be much easier to clean and will stay cleaner longer. All of this means you’ll make less trips to the car wash or detailer, saving you time and money.

Ceramic coatings are bleeding edge technology in the detailing industry. They are not only the best form of protection available, they also offer the most longevity. Ceramic coatings can last anywhere from 1-4 years depending on the coating. Wax or sealants last nowhere near as long as coatings and can be removed by car wash chemicals.

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Ceramic Coatings

Per vehicle

Real Customers. Real Results. Real Reviews.

Whitney David Facebook Review

Brian is AWESOME! He was at my home on time did an AMAZING JOB on my car, I have 3 Basset Hounds and they shed like crazy and Brian got all the dog hair out and made my car look like showroom new!

Christi Google Reviews

I never do reviews, but these guys are great. Very professional, very detailed on cleaning. I had gotten overspray on my windshield from staining the fence, figured it was there for good. But they got it all off !! So much better 😁

Jacob Osborn Google Reviews

Good, friendly service that comes to you! Both my vehicles look excellent and the price was the best I could find. I'll definitely be having them back again in the future!

Christine Rury Google Reviews

So pleased with Brian’s service! Showed up on time, finished when he said he would, beautiful job on my car; it looks brand new inside. Gonna probably call him back for our other vehicles.

Olivia Harper Google Reviews

Great experience!! Loved being able to stay home and have the detailing come to me! Brian was on time, professional and incredibly thorough in his detailing. So impressed, I’m getting my moms car detailed too!

Tyler Ellis Google Reviews

Brian was great! My truck was in pretty bad shape when I contacted him, and he got it looking great before I sold it. I would recommend him to anyone!

Vicki Giger Google Reviews

I try to support as many local businesses as possible. Brian does a great detail service. I love that he can come to our house. Professional, courteous, on time and local. I will be recommending to everyone I know. Thanks, Brian.

Jignasha Patel Google Reviews

He did an amazing job inside and outside of the car! Very much appreciate it!

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Additional Services For You

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are the best form of protection against bird droppings, tree sap, tar, and any other contaminants that may stick to your car. Ceramic coatings provide a solid barrier between the elements and the surface of your paint.

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Engine Bay Detail

Clean all the stubborn grime out of your engine bay. We'll restore the black to all the plastic trim to make your engine bay look like new. We avoid getting water into your alternator and battery by covering them during our service.

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Premium Wash

This service gives your vehicle all the pampering that a drive-thru simply won't provide. We'll get your vehicle in pristine condition minus the swirls and scratches introduced by the harsh bristles car washes use.

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Interior Dressing

Tulsa gets lots of sun during the summer and all the ultra violet rays fade and crack interior surfaces. We'll come in and coat your interior in a product that protects it from the sun and restores color.

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Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are foggy, yellowed, or even peeling then this is the service for you. We will sand and polish away any yellowing or fogginess and leave you with a clear, restored headlight. We seal the headlights afterwards to keep them that way.

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Clay & Tar Removal

Is your paint rough and bumpy to the touch? Got tar particles stuck in your paint? We will chemically and physically decontaminate your vehicle to leave your paint free of debris and tar.

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