Carpet Protection:
Protects Carpet From Spills

Make Your Carpets Easier To Clean And Resistant To Spills

Wish your carpets were easier to clean? Do you have kids or pets and want to prevent stains? If so, this is the service you need.

The idea of carpet protection is to coat them in a think, hydrophobic layer that will fight spills. Instead of liquids instantly staining and entering the fibers of your upholstery, they will instead bead up and sit on the carpet. This coating will prevent stains by stopping the carpet from absorbing spills. A side effect is that the carpet also doesn’t allow dirt and grime to cling onto it as well, making it easier to vacuum up sand and dirt. 

The result is floors that are a breeze to clean. A good vacuuming should be able to pick up all the dirt that settles on your vehicle after its treated. Spills will either not stain your carpet at all or stain it very minimally and temporarily. Any stains that form won’t be permanent and should be easy to get rid of. 

This is one of the best services available if you have kids or pets which are accident prone. Prevent yourself a headache and let us coat your carpets!

How We Prep Your Carpet For A Coating

1) Vacuum all carpet as best we can.
2) Spray the carpet with cleaner and agitate it thoroughly to clean the carpet and break down stains.
3) Use our extractor to suck up stains and dirt which are left over.
4) Wait for the carpet to dry and spray coating generously.
5) Wait for the coating to dry and its all set and done.

We HIGHLY recommend you also pay for our Deluxe Interior detail or our Basic Interior package to have a completely clean interior as opposed to just your carpeting.

The coating will protect your carpet from spills for up to 6 months.

Carpet Coating Prices

The prices for these coating are based completely on vehicle size.

(Seats 2-3)


(Seats 4-5)


(Seats 6-8)


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