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Ceramic Coating Tulsa | Armor For Your Paint

We highly recommend paint correction prior to a ceramic coating or all the swirls and scratches in your paint will be locked in under the coating. They will not be able to be removed without removing the coating first.

Experience the forefront of auto detailing with ceramic coatings, a groundbreaking innovation offering unparalleled protection for your vehicle. They provide superior protection against chemical fallout, environmental contaminants, and bird droppings, surpassing the performance of any wax or sealant available. While ceramic coatings may come with a higher price tag, they are a must to anyone wishing to keep their car in pristine condition. Our coating is skillfully applied to all exterior surfaces, including paint, glass, and even wheel faces.

Coatings repel dirt and debris, keeping the surface of your vehicle clean longer. A quick drive should be enough to fling off accumulated dust from your vehicle, saving you trips to the car wash and appointments with us. Coatings also help keep bird droppings, tar, and tree sap from etching into your paint. They also have a darkening effect on paint, creating more depth and gloss while also filling very minor micro scratches. Coatings come with all these benefits as well as unmatched gloss and water beading which can’t be beat by any other type of protection.

We strongly recommend paint correction before having us apply a ceramic coating. Paint correction will ensure your vehicle looks immaculate by removing defects such as swirls and scratches. The end result will be a bare, fresh surface that is ready for coating application. Nothing will leave your paint looking better than a freshly polished car topped off with a ceramic coating. The price for a ceramic coating will be discounted if paired with paint correction. 

We have three options for ceramic coatings; 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year coatings. All coatings must be done in our shop. Ceramic coatings are not invincible. Any detailer who tells you that they fully protect your vehicle from scratches is simply lying. The slickness helps minimize scratching, but the true magic of coatings is their chemical resistance, gloss, and durability. We recommend having us come out for a maintenance wash at least once every six months to top off the protection and ensure the coating is doing its job. We require regular maintenance washes, after coating, in order to warranty the life of the coating. We only warranty our 3 year and 5 year coatings. 

Ceramic Coating Process

1) Clean wheels and tires with our various chemicals and brushes
2) Power wash the vehicle to rinse off any loose dirt or debris
3) Foam up the vehicle with our foam cannon and hand wash using super plush microfiber towels. This includes all painted surfaces, badges, and the gas cap
4) Dry the vehicle by hand using our drying towels to avoid scratching the paint
5) Clay and chemically decontaminate the vehicle to get rid of tar, iron fallout, or any other contaminants embedded in the clearcoat
6) Spray our panel prep on each panel to remove any oils and old waxes or sealants left on the vehicle
Clean all the glass
8) Apply the coating to all painted surfaces, glass, and your wheel faces
9) Dress the tires to give them a matte, deep black color

We suggest adding our Deluxe Interior detail to compliment and complete this service. You will not only have a glossy, shiny car, but an interior to be proud of as well.

Pricing Made Easy

Our pricing is based on vehicle size to make things easy for you to understand. This does not include any type of paint correction.


1 year – $250

3 year – $350

5 year – $450


1 year – $360

3 year – $460

5 year – $560

(Large SUV)

1 year – $460

3 year – $560

5 year – $660

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