Clay & Seal:
Add Gloss and Depth To Your Vehicle

Add Gloss, Depth, and Protection To Your Vehicle in One Service

Everyone loves summer weather, but its not too kind to vehicles. The sun’s UV rays cause excessive wear to your vehicle’s clear coat. You may not realize it, but it is due to the sun that so many vehicles have peeling paint. This is why we offer a service to defend against Tulsa’s harsh summer sun.

Our form of protection is a synthetic wax sealant which protects your vehicle for at least six months! You get advanced water beading, enhanced gloss, chemical resistance, and UV ray resistance. It is essentially sunscreen for your vehicle. After an application, you won’t have to worry about bird poop, sun damage, or bugs damaging your clear coat. It’s the best investment you can make to not only make your vehicle’s paint pop, but to add value to your vehicle.

As an added bonus, the given prices include physical and chemical decontamination to leave your paint free of embedded contaminants. What does that mean? Have you ever run your hand across your freshly washed vehicle and felt little bumps in the clearcoat? Those are particles that have etched their way into the clearcoat. Tar and iron are the two main culprits here and nothing short of a clay bar and chemicals will remove them. This service will leave your paint silky smooth.

Clay & Seal Process

1) Clean wheels and tires with our various chemicals and brushes
2) Cover the vehicle in foam to encapsulate dirt and grime then power wash it off
3) Hand wash vehicle using our rinseless wash and super plush microfiber towels. This includes all painted surfaces, badges, and the gas cap
4) Dry the vehicle by hand using our drying towels to avoid scratching the paint|
5) Clay and chemically decontaminate the vehicle to get rid of contaminants embedded in the clearcoat
6) Apply our wax of choice with microfiber applicators and buff off the extra residue
7) Dress the tires to give them a wet, black look
8) Clean the exterior glass to ensure you have clear vision on the road

We suggest adding our Deluxe Interior detail to compliment and complete this service. You will not only have a glossy, shiny car, but an interior to be proud of as well.

Pricing Made Easy

Our pricing is based on vehicle size to make things easy for you to understand. We include our optional clay treatment as an addon to leave your paint free of ingrained debris and tar. 





(Large SUV)


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