Claying and Tar Removal:
Decontaminating Your Paint For A Smooth Finish

Get Rid Of Contaminants Glued To Your Paint

Tulsa is no stranger to road work and construction sites. Both are hazards for vehicles and their paint. Tar from road work can kick up and attach itself to your paint. Construction sites are often home to concrete or cement dust that will fly onto you vehicle and dry, adding an ugly texture to your paint. Sometimes other contaminants hit your vehicle too hard, etching themselves into your clear coat as well. All of these require a process called claying to remove them as a simple wash won’t do the trick.

Trying to use chemicals to remove any of these can be futile and dangerous for your paint. Using harsh chemicals can cause your clear coat to fail sooner or give it a dull look. That is why claying exists. It is an aggressive last step that can be added to a wash. The process itself is simple. You pair a bar of clay designed for automotive use with a clay lubricant to help it glide over your paint and minimize marring. This allows the sticky nature of clay to pick up contaminants off your vehicle and embed themselves in the clay instead.

Tar and iron removal require their own process. These require both clay and chemicals specially formulated to break down tar and iron fallout. As a proud detailing business, we’re equipped and ready to decontaminate your vehicle anywhere within Tulsa county.

This is an add-on service of ours and it must be paired with a Premium Wash and is included with our Wash & Wax.

The Decontamination Process

1) Wash the vehicle to ensure we are only hitting contaminants embedded in your paint and not dragging surface layer dirt across your vehicle.
2) Spray tar and iron removers onto vehicle one panel at a time and allow it to dwell for a few seconds. Rinse off the tar and iron remover then dry the panel to get it ready to clay.
3) Spray clay lubricant onto the vehicle one panel at a time and drag the clay over the whole panel in a side to side motion starting from the top of the panel and finishing at the bottom. This technique minimizes paint marring.
4) Use soft microfiber towels to wipe clay lubricant off the panel and run a hand over the vehicle to feel for any more contaminants. 
5) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until paint is smooth and free of contaminants.

This process will almost certainly introduce some degree of marring onto your vehicles paint. This is not a fault of the user, but its merely an outcome of dragging clay across your paint. We try to minimize this marring as best we can by using our preferred clay lube and minimal pressure.

Pricing Made Easy

Prices are based on vehicle size. This service MUST be paired with either one of your exterior washes. We cannot clay a dirty vehicle.





(Large SUV)


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