Deluxe Interior Detail
Professional Top-to-Bottom Interior Detailing Service

Transform Your Interior With Our Deluxe Interior Package

Has it been months since your last detail? A year? If you’re looking for the type of service you get once a year or every couple of months then this is the service you’re looking for. This is the deepest clean you’ll get from us.

We will clean any surface, nook, and cranny there is to clean. We'll get your dashboard, center console, glove box, headliner, floor mats, cup holders, seats, and trunk.

Our goal here isn't to freshen up your interior, but to make it look like new. With our Basic Interior package, we do some light cleaning, but we go far beyond that with our deluxe package. Even if you think your vehicle is too gross to be cleaned, we'll shock you. We will take care of all of the upholstery as well. That includes shampooing and extracting the carpet and seats. Head over to our upholstery shampoo page to find out more about the process we use to clean your upholstery.

Not only will your vehicle be cleaned, we'll hit it with our steamer to make sure it is completely sanitized. We know how important that has become during the pandemic.

tulsa interior detailingtulsa interior detailing

Deluxe Interior Step-by-Step Process

1) Spot treat the headliner with our steamer and cleaner to get as many stains out as we can. We use a clean towel to pick up the stain instead of spread it.
2) Vacuum any loose dust and debris off the seats and carpet to prepare for cleaning and spray all upholstery with our pretreatment.
3) Agitate the seats and carpet with a drill brush to break down any stains. We then use our hot water extractor to remove the stain from the upholstery. We will do as many passes with our extractor as it takes to fully remove stains.
4) Steam the center console and cup holders to melt any sticky residue. Follow up with a brush and microfiber to pickup any leftover gunk. We use our air compressor to blow out any leftover liquid and debris.
5) Steam the pedals to melt away any dirt and follow up with a stiff brush to break up any leftover grime. 

6) We then move to the trunk to shampoo and extract the carpeting.
7) Move to the door cards and scrub them with cleaner. Then wipe them dry with a clean microfiber.
8) Wipe down the door jambs with a wet towel then follow up with a dry towel to leave them streak-less.
9) Clean the windows with a wet towel hit them with a dry towel afterwards to get rid of streaks.
10) Vacuum the entire vehicle a final time to ensure there is no leftover dirt or debris.

For our complete detailing experience, pair this service with our Clay & Seal. The clean, shiny exterior will look great with your detailed interior. It’s the best way to make your neighbors jealous.

Deluxe Interior Pricing

Prices are based on the size of the vehicle and condition of the upholstery

(Seats 2-3)


(Seats 4-5)


(Seats 6-8)


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