Engine Bay Detail:
Freshen Up Your Engine Bay

Resuscitate Your Engine Bay

Engine bays get DIRTY. They’re the home of oil, coolant, and brake fluid spills. Most Tulsans have never seen their engine bay in spectacular condition, but we aim to change that. We know Tulsa lovers racing and building their cars so we tailor every car engine detail specifically to each customer to ensure nothing is damaged in the process.

Engine bays can look pretty sweet. They tend to look ugly even after a wash due fading plastic covers and trim. We dress all the plastic surfaces to bring them back to life and give them a rich, black color. It’s hard to maintain a clean engine bay, but these dressings help make them easier to clean the next time around. 

Afraid of damaged internals? No worries, we cover any sensitive items within the engine compartment and give them special care. We strictly avoid getting water on alternators and car batteries, but we ask every customer for any items like clipped wires or vehicle specific items we need to be mindful of. 

Engine Bay Detail TulsaEngine Bay Detail Tulsa

How We Detail Your Engine Bay

1) Cover the alternator, battery, and any other fragile components with a bag to avoid covering them in water
2) Rinse off the surface layer dirt with water
3) Use our cleaners to completely cover your engine bay, then use our brushes to agitate all set in dirt and grease
4) Rinse off all the dirt and cleaner with water
5) Allow the engine bay to dry then dress all plastics to make them pop and bring out their color. 
6) Wipe off excess engine bay dressing

We suggest complimenting this service with our Premium Wash. You’ll not only have a clean engine bay, but a whole spotless vehicle to be proud of. We all get a smile when we’re behind the wheel of clean, glossy vehicle that turns heads.

Engine Bay Prices

Our prices for engine bays are the same all across the board. The only exceptions are vehicles that need a more specific, tedious approach to avoid harming internals.

Engine Bay Detail


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