Glass Ceramic Coating:
Detailing Service That Gets You Through Tulsa Weather

Drive Through Rain Without Your Wipers

Tulsa County residents know Oklahoma weather gets bad. We all live in Tornado Valley after all. Windshield wipers deteriorate and sometimes aren’t enough for the harsh rain Tulsa gets. Ceramic coatings are known for their slickness and hydrophobic properties on paint, but they work just as well on glass. Our glass ceramic coating will allow you to drive through light to heavy rain wiper-less as it will repel the water for you. 

Rain-X is a well known consumer product that offers to do what this ceramic coating does, but does not last nearly as long and needs to be reapplied almost monthly. Our coating will give you two whole years of wiper-less driving. Say goodbye to applying Rain-X, ceramic is the new wave.

A ceramic coated windshield allows rain to fly off at high way speeds as soon as it contacts your glass. You’ll see rain hit your windshield and disappear as opposed to it sticking. This greatly reduces the need to use your windshield wipers and can totally negate the need for them except during the worst of storms. This isn’t a complete replacement for your wipers as they are necessary at slow speeds where there is very little wind hitting your windshield. 

The only upkeep the coating needs is the occasional wash. Dirt and pollen can coat your windshield, covering the layer of hydrophobic coating and negating its effects. All you’ll have to do is take your favorite glass cleaner and wipe away the grime. This is a glass coating that will last months.

The Glass Prep Process

1) Clean the glass with glass cleaner to remove any grime
2) Clay bar the glass to remove any imbedded contaminants that cannot be wiped away.
3) Wipe glass with isopropyl alcohol mixture to make sure there are no oils or waxes left.
4) Apply our coating and wait for it to haze over.
5) Wipe away the excess coating to reveal your new, treated glass

Our Premium Wash is a great complimentary service. You’ll have a whole shiny vehicle as opposed to just crystal clear glass. Why not enjoy the feeling of having your whole vehicle cleaned all at once? We do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Glass Coating Prices

Prices vary depending on the size of the vehicle

2 Year Glass Coating Price


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