Interior Dressing:
Renew Your Faded Plastic Trim

Bring Your Faded Plastics Back To Life

As mobile detailers in Tulsa we’ve seen quite a few cars with faded black plastic interiors. Tulsa gets tons of harsh summer sun which can be very damaging to plastic. They will begin to fade and even crack. The point of a dressing is to add color back to faded plastic, vinyl, or even leather.

We offer this service to help protect your interior from the sun. Our interior dressings are sun screen for plastics. A huge added bonus is that the dressing actually brings back color into black faded surfaces. You will end up with a deep black color with a natural gloss as opposed to a faded gray color.

Your interior doesn’t need to be faded for this to be helpful. If you’re looking to take your vehicle up a notch in looks then this is the step you’re missing. It is fine details like dressing your plastics and leather that boost how your vehicle looks overall.

This is the best addon we offer to return your interior to mint condition. The transformation a simple dressing causes is shocking. This service does have to be paired with either our budget Basic Interior detail or our Deluxe Interior detail.

Two Step Process

1) Spray the interior dressing onto a clean microfiber and wipe it onto a clean surface and spread it evenly.
2) Wipe away the residue to reveal the finished product.

This is NOT a standalone service, but is meant to be paired with our interior detailing packages. Please choose between our Basic Interior detail or our Deluxe Interior detail.

The difference between a coated and not-coated surface is obvious. The dressing adds depth to black interior surfaces and makes other colors pop. If you’re into the fine details of your car and want it looking the best as possible, then this service is for you.


Our pricing is based on the size of your vehicle.

Completely Optional With Any Interior Detail At No Additional Cost


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