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Is the sight of your car covered in swirls and scratches wearing on you? Purchased a new car only to discover it adorned with micro scratches? Paint correction will solve both issues. New vehicles frequently leave the dealership with swirls and scratches, resulting from inadequate care by the dealership or mishandling during shipping. Older cars accumulate love marks and swirls over the years whether it be from the car wash or road debris. Brian’s Mobile Detailing is adequately equipped to help you whether you’ve got an old car you’d like to make new or a new car you want perfect.

What is Paint Correction?

A scratch itself is a miniature ravine or gouge in your paint. Paint correction involves the process of eliminating swirls and scratches from your vehicle. This is achieved by leveling the clearcoat to the same depth as the scratch, effectively eradicating scratch. You are not removing scratches, you are removing clearcoat to match the scratch. Due to this, it can only be done so many times safely until you run the risk of burning through your paint’s clearcoat. This is why not all scratches can be or should be completely removed. Your vehicle’s clearcoat is like it’s layer of skin. It’s crucial to maximize the remaining clearcoat on your vehicle, especially in Tulsa, where the intense sunlight is as detrimental to your paint as it is to your own skin. Paint correction is the only way, other than a new paint job, to remove swirls or make them less visible. The same process removes oxidation and haziness from your paint, leaving a super glossy finish. Your car will look better than brand new after we’re done. Brian’s Mobile Detailing offers varying levels of paint correction to best match what is capable of being done to different cars.

Why opt for Paint Correction?

Paint correction enhances the overall aesthetics of your car, making it look newer and well-maintained. Moreover, it can drastically increase the resale value. This process is essential for individuals who desire their car to look perfect and showroom-ready, ensuring every detail is in pristine condition. Additionally, paint correction goes beyond cosmetic improvements; it rejuvenates the car’s exterior, while offering an ideal foundation for ceramic coating or your preferred method of protection. 

Why choose Brian’s Mobile Detailing for paint correction in Tulsa?

Opting for professional paint correction rather than attempting it yourself offers several distinct advantages. We possess the expertise and specialized tools needed to effectively remove imperfections like swirl marks and scratches from your vehicle’s paint. Our experience ensures a meticulous and precise process, reducing the risk of causing further damage. We have unique access to high-quality products and advanced techniques, ensuring long-lasting results. Others may lack the finesse and precision that Brian’s Mobile Detailing brings to the task, potentially resulting in uneven corrections or unintended damage. Additionally, we are well-versed in identifying specific issues unique to each vehicle, tailoring our approach for optimal outcomes. Entrusting paint correction to a skilled professional not only saves time and effort but also guarantees a superior finish that enhances your car’s aesthetic appeal and preserves its resale value

We offer several different levels of paint correction to best match Tulsa residents’ budgets and expectations.

Paint Enhancement is the lowest level of paint correction. A paint enhancement focuses on improving the visual appearance of a vehicle’s paintwork without the extensive corrections involved in full paint correction. Paint enhancement involves lighter polishing and refining techniques to enhance gloss, depth, and overall shine. This method is suitable for vehicles with oxidation, haze, or minor imperfections that need to be addressed. Paint enhancement is often chosen when the goal is to refresh the paint’s appearance, reduce very minor defects, and provide an overall improvement without the more intensive approach of full paint correction. 

1-Step Paint Correction combines polishing and correction in a single step to improve the appearance of a vehicle’s paintwork. This is a whole tier above a paint enhancement. With this service, we aim to remove a high percentage of defects to vastly enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle’s paint. Unlike a paint enhancement, our goal is removing a majority of the swirls and scratches present in your paint. We will not go after deeper scratches, but it will be a night and day difference. The overall aim is to eliminate around 50-75% of correctable defects.

2-Step Correction, unlike a 1-Step,  is comprised of two distinct stages – compounding and polishing. The first stage addresses heavier defects, while the second refines the finish with a less abrasive compound or a more aggressive polish. This process is more time-consuming but is highly effective for vehicles with moderate to severe imperfections that require a more intensive correction. The choice between 1-step and 2-step depends on the condition of the vehicle’s paint and the desired level of correction. A 2-step paint correction will get you as close to new as possible. The goal is to remove 80-95% of correctable defects. There will always be some scratches that are too deep for us to chase after without compromising your clear coat.

Consider a Ceramic Coating Following Paint Correction

Following the correction phase is the best moment to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle. With all prep completed, we now have a pristine surface ready for coating application. We highly recommend considering a coating at this time to enhance the longevity of your paint’s fresh appearance. Opting for a coating not only extends the new look of your paint but also ups the levels of gloss and depth. If a ceramic coating is not your preference, rest assured that we will apply a sealant to safeguard your fresh paint. Leaving our shop without adequate paint protection is not something we advise!


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Step-by-Step Proces

  • Clean

    We will rinse off, foam, and hand wash your vehicle's paint, tires, and wheels to prepare the surfaces for decontamination.

  • Decontaminate

    After washing, we will use specific chemicals to remove any tar and iron deposits on your vehicle. We will then follow up with automotive clay to remove any left over, embedded contaminants.

  • Prep

    After the vehicle is thoroughly dried, we will begin taping off and sensitive materials and seals before we begin the correction stage(s).

  • Correct

    During this stage, we employ a variety of polishers to enhance and compound your paint, eliminating imperfections

  • Protect

    The final step is to seal the fresh layer of paint we've uncovered. The protection will depend on whether you opt for a ceramic coating or our choice of sealant. This will add an extra layer of protection while further enhancing the look of your paint.

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