Premium Wash:
Tulsa's Exterior Mobile Detail That Gives Your Vehilce The Pampering It Deserves

Premium Wash: What Separates Us From Your $10 Car Wash

Drive thru and self serve car washes introduce swirls and scratches into your vehicle’s paint. The brushes they use drag dirt particles all along your vehicle, marring and scratching your car’s finish. Most if not all of the small swirls and scratches in your paint are a result of dirty, but quick car washes. We avoid this by taking a gentle approach to cleaning exteriors.

Our process begins with a foam cannon pre-rinse. That is the process in which we cover a vehicle in soap suds and power wash it off in order to rinse away 90% of grime before we even make physical contact with the paint. We then pair our rinseless wash, which adds lubricity and encapsulates dirt particles, with our soft microfiber towels to wipe away what’s left. The result is a vehicle free of dirt, scratches, swirls, and even water spots.

Don’t be like other Tulsans driving around with scratched and swirled paint, pick our Premium Wash to stand above the rest. We hope you like jealous neighbors.

Step-by-Step Premium Wash

1) Use our variety of soft and stiff brushes to clean the wheels and tires
2) Power wash the vehicle to remove the surface layer of dirt
3) Use our super plush microfiber towels to clean the paint, badges, and gas cap
4) Dry the vehicle using our soft, plush towels to eliminate the risk of scratches
5) Cover the tires in tire dressing to keep them shiny and black
7) Clean your windows properly to ensure you have crystal clear vision of the road

We suggest adding our Deluxe Interior detail to compliment this service. The end result is a car free of dirt and grime inside and out.

Easy To Understand Pricing

Our prices are based solely on your vehicle size to make thing easy. We recommend adding our additional spray wax for a few weeks of added gloss and shine.



Optional $15 Spray Wax



Optional $15 Spray Wax

(Full SUV/Truck)


Optional $15 Spray Wax

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Engine Bay Detail

Clean all the stubborn grime out of your engine bay. We'll restore the black to all the plastic trim to make your engine bay look like new. We avoid getting water into your alternator and battery by covering them during our service.

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Clay & Tar Removal

Is your paint rough and bumpy to the touch? Got tar particles stuck in your paint? We will chemically and physically decontaminate your vehicle for a smooth finish.

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