Upholstery Shampoo & Extraction:
Remove Stains From Seats or Carpet

Rid Your Upholstery of Stains

Got seats that have seen better days? Black carpet looking a little brown now? Spill a drink on fabric seats? We’ve got you covered on all bases when it comes to upholstery. We use our own science backed process to cleaning carpet and fabric seats. 

Cleaning fabric seats can be a pain. They are very delicate any just about anything will leave stains on them, especially on lighter colors. That’s where we come in. We use our chemicals to spray your fabric and break down stains and odors and agitate with a brush. Then we’ll follow up with our extractor to suck out the stain, leaving behind no residue. 

This process can often leave behind wicking or browning. Wicking is when stains resurface or the cleaning agents themselves are not properly removed and stain the seats themselves. We avoid this by using a specific rinse solution which counteracts the pH of our cleaning agent, eliminating browning and wicking.

Carpet is a little easier to clean  as it is less likely to wick, but requires the same cleaning process nonetheless. The extractor is key in removing all packed in dirt and grime. We’ll do as many passes as it takes to leave your carpets clean.

Not all stains can be removed, but almost all stains can be improved on. If the stains are old enough they may never be removed, but newer stains can almost always be removed.

We use a citrus cleaner alongside a protein stain remover to ensure we remove stains no matter the source.

Upholstery Cleaning Step-by-Step Process

1) Vacuum the area to prep for extraction.
2) Spray our citrus based cleaner and enzyme remover onto the surface of the upholstery and allow it to soak in.
3) Follow up with a drill brush to agitate the area and break down stains.
4) Use our extractor to spray down our rinse formula to neutralize the cleaner and reduce wicking. The rinse is also used to extract stains from the fabric into the extractor.
5) Follow up with a steamer to remove any leftover stains.

If any wicking or browning occurs after we leave, contact us and we will schedule a follow up appointment to ensure no spotting is left behind.

This service is only included with our Deluxe Interior Detail. We suggest pairing this with our Wash & Wax for the most complete interior detail. The clean, shiny exterior will look great with your detailed interior. It’s the best way to make your neighbors jealous.

Add our interior dressing to make your interior look like new. The dressing will restore plastic, leather, and vinyl pieces by giving them a deeper color. It will also add a natural gloss to appear as if its right off the lot.

Upholstery Cleaning Pricing

This service is included Deluxe Interior Detail. The price is included in the package’s price. Head over to that page by clicking here.

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