Headlight Restoration:
Clear Up Your Foggy Headlights

Clear Up Gross, Yellow Headlights

If your vehicles headlights are hazy, yellow, or even lacking in clarity then this is the service for you. Yellowed and hazy headlights are not pretty and can ruin the look of your vehicle. Restoring them is a quick way to vastly improve your car’s looks.

From the factory, headlights come with a special UV resistant coating to make sure they stay clear as long as possible. This doesn’t last forever and is worn down over the years, causing your headlights to turn yellow and accumulate haze. 

A go to solution is to replace the headlights all together, but that is often unnecessary and pricey. Most headlights can be restored to a “like new” condition. We aim to do just that and more.

We do our best to make sure your headlights will stay clear as long as possible by coating them with a UV resistant coating. Don’t skimp out on our service due to the price. When it comes to headlight restoration, the saying “buy cheap, buy twice” shines true.

Headlight restoration tulsaHeadlight restoration tulsa

Step-by-Step Proces

  • Clean

    We clean your headlights with our chemical of choice to ensure we don't add any deep scratches in the sanding process.

  • Sand

    We wet sand the headlights with 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, and 3000 grit sandpaper to remove all hazing and yellowing.

  • Compound & Polish

    Sanding is followed up by compounding to remove all 3000 grit sanding marks and add clarity. We then polish the headlights to add further clarity and ensure there is no compounding haze left over.

  • Seal

    The final step is to seal the headlights with a UV resistant coating to ensure they stay clear.

Headlight Restoration Prices

Headlight Restoration & Coating


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